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Extracting heat from the air around you can reduce your heating costs and generate extra income for you or you business.
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Why an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) work by absorbing air from outside your home and converting it into heat that can be used for your heating or hot water. ASHPs are a renewable source of energy and can be upto 300% more efficient than your regular heating and hot water systems . The unit will need a space adjacent to an outside wall where it will draw air in through a fan. These units can extract heat from the outside air even at temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees. There are many options with Air to water and air to heat pumps available. Our expert advisors will be happy to go through the best options for you and explain how you can apply for funding and also potentially earn money through the renewable heat incentive program.

The RHI payments are slightly lower than for GSHPs, however they are more affordable and easier to install. Envolve Ltd offers a one-stop-shop for ASHPs. Our in-house experts take care of every aspect of the installation and you get peace of mind, knowing that we are fully accredited and have a track record of excellent customer service. ASHPs don’t require large areas of land, making them ideal for businesses on industrial estates or other confined locations. Their relatively low installation cost makes them attractive to companies on tighter budgets. In order to maximise the benefits from an ASHP, your premises need to be well insulated to ensure they retain the heat generated, especially in winter.

Where can we put an air source heat pump?

We’ll need a place outside your home where a unit can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. It must have some space around it to allow a good flow of air.

There are two types of air source heat pumps: monobloc and split systems. A monobloc system has all the components in a single outdoor unit, with pipes carrying water to the central heating system and a hot water cylinder inside your home. A split system separates the components between indoor and outdoor units. Whether a monobloc or split system is right for you will depend on your budget and the space available.

Monobloc systems tend to be cheaper and quicker to install and don’t take up as much space in your home, although they are generally slightly less efficient than split systems. The efficiency gain from split systems comes from some of the heat transfer taking place inside the building where it is warmer, resulting in less heat being lost.

If you’re not limited by space inside your home, it may be worth the extra cost of installing a split system. Your installer should be able to talk you through your options and help you choose the design that works best for you.

Is an air source heat pump right for me? 

Air source heat pumps are suitable for many types of homes and are the most common type of domestic heat pump, with tens of thousands of installations across the UK. However, there are a few things you should consider before deciding whether a heat pump is right for you.

Will a heat pump save money on energy bills?

Running costs will depend on how your heat pump is designed and how it is operated. Savings on your energy bill will also depend on the system you are replacing.

You can see potential annual savings of installing a standard air source heat pump, including any recommended radiator upgrades, in an average sized, four-bedroom detached home, below.

Potential annual savings of installing a standard air source heat pump in an average sized, four-bedroom detached home, with radiator upgrades as required.
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ASHPs absorb heat from the outside air, in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. There are two main types of ASHP: an air-to-water system distributes heat via your wet central heating system, while an air-to-air system produces warm air which is circulated by fans to heat your premises.


ASHPs are ideal for new build premises, or well-insulated existing properties. You need space outside for a unit to be fitted, either on a wall or on the ground, where there is a good flow of air. The building should be well insulated and draught-proofed for best results and you will see better savings if replacing an electricity or oil heating system.

Will it work in winter?

The pump can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -20° C. If temperatures plummet even further, the heat pump’s internal auxiliary unit will add the additional heat requirement. ASHPs come fitted with an auto-defrost function, so they can continue to produce hot water and heating in all weathers.

Will I save money?

ASHP technology has an energy efficiency rating of A***, which is the highest level for heating and water production. How much you can save will depend on what system you use now, as well as what you are replacing it with. ASHPs work best with underfloor heating or large radiators and are cheaper to run than oil-powered systems and older inefficient systems. Our experts will explain how to control the system so you can use it most effectively.

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government incentive scheme to encourage the uptake of renewable heat technology among businesses and homeowners. The Non-domestic RHI was launched first in November 2011 to provide payments to industry, businesses and public sector organisations. The Domestic RHI was launched in April 2014, and is open to homeowners, private landlords, social landlords and self-builders.

What could I earn?

RHI cash payments are made quarterly over the applicable term of the scheme. The amount you receive will depend on a number of factors – including the technology you install and the latest tariffs available for each technology.

How reliable is the technology?

Our guarantees last up to five years and systems are expected to operate for 20 years or more.

Do I need planning permission?

They may be considered as Permitted Development, in which case you will not need planning permission, but it is always a good idea to check with your local planning office and to obtain written confirmation regardless of whether it is permitted.

Will it be noisy?

ASHPs have reduced in noise levels significantly over the last few years. Carefully sited pumps should present no disturbance to you or your neighbours and we follow strict MCS noise emission standards, which require careful emission calculations.

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