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What are Electric Storage Heaters?

They are designed to be paired with electricity tariffs that supply electricity at cheaper rates at certain times of the day. Typically, this is overnight, which is why they are sometimes called ‘night storage heaters’. However, storage heaters can use electricity to heat your home at any time.

How does an electric storage heater work?

Electric storage heaters use electricity to generate heat. This heat is stored inside the core of the heater, which is often made from heavy clay blocks.

In older storage heaters, input and output dials are used to control this. The input controls the electricity – the higher it is set, the more electricity it will use and the more the heater will heat up at night. The output dial controls the release of heat – the higher it is set, the quicker heat emits from the heater. If the output is set too high, the heater may run out of heat before the end of the day

Some storage heaters are also fitted with convector heaters. These usually appear as a grill at the top of the unit. These are intended to give you a ‘boost’ to your heating, in case you run out of stored heat. Try not to rely on these too often, as for most people, it’s cheaper to use the stored energy bought at cheaper rates overnight.

Running Costs

This system makes it a much more preferred method than an average electric heater as it uses electricity during cheaper times therefore saving you money on your energy bills.


Electric Storage heaters can be installed with minimum disruption as they do not require any plumbing or pipework, just some simple wiring and they are good to go!

Storage heaters can also be used with systems like Solar PV meaning they can be charged for free whenever your system generates a surplus of electricity.

Is an Electric Storage Heater right for me?

To find out if a storage heater would be the right option for you, speak to one of our advisors today. We can also check if you are eligible for funding to reduce the cost or even in some cases qualify for funding free storage heaters through schemes such as The Energy Company Obligation.

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